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Our Kind of People

[here's who we work with, spend time eating and talking about the local food economy with, etc.]


The Horsters

Niko and his 4 farm helpers (when they are around and appropriately dressed).

Root 5 farm

Our CSA partners - if you live in the UV you can get our meat delivered through their CSA directly to your workplace... delicious veggies and all

The Royal Butcher

The Royal Butcher is an Animal Welfare Approved slaughterhouse and cutting facility in Braintree, Vermont. They process all of our animals.

Emily Hanson

Emily does our design work and spends her off time hanging out with the goats.

Little Outdoor Giants

They take pictures. They took our pictures. Maybe you'll want them to take your pictures too.

Resources + Links

Some things we read and look at:

The Meathead

Some of the best meat recipes we have found....